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Biodanza Classes and Events

What is Biodanza?

Biodanza, ‘The Dance of Life’ is a system of improvised movements which originally was developed in the 1960s by the Chilean psychologist Rolando Toro, and now is loved by people in 54 countries. The system brings to today’s world dances and body movements from ancient and modern traditions. You will be dancing solo, in twos and in groups. There are fast dances for physical well-being and vitality, and slow exercises which helps relieve the stress of your busy week.

Biodanza is suitable for anyone, of any age and any ability.

Olga Bastable

As a Biodanza facilitator Olga was involved in the Art Project for the libraries Festival in Sutton with artists, writers and musicians from Sutton Artists Network. Every story and visual image in this project will be turned into non-verbal language of simple movements. As a dance facilitator before the pandemic Olga was working in St.Helier Hospital for dementia patients, for Clusters, people with various disabilities and other vulnerable communities. She has 17 years of experience managing charitable educational projects and in running dance seminars and her retreats in Emerson College, Forest Row.

Following Biocentric principles of Biodanza Olga’s mission is to re-awaken hidden resources of vitality, affectivity, sexuality, transcendence and creativity through movement.


“Olga creates a safe, welcoming space at her Biodanza classes. Here I can express myself through movement, playfulness, intimacy with others, explore my sensuality and my instincts. I am free to feel my emotions and my soulfulness. Olga’s vast experience as a facilitator help her to bring the deep Biodanza principles to life with lightness, humour and wisdom.  I often feel rejuvenated and have a deeper connection to myself, to others and to life after Olga’s class.” Mo

“Thanks Olga for a very good workshop. Explored my wildness… It was all healing for me and great fun too. Also making some friends in your group which is a very important aspect for me.” Amravati

Summer Ritual. Biodanza in Rottingdean

The Dance of Life. Release, connect, re-energise, process, integrate and re-build through movement and music.
27 July 2024
Rottingdane UK

Tree of Desires – Attracting Love & Abundance

Biodanza Retreat
24-25 August 2024
Glastonbury UK